MAY 2ND TO 8TH, 2024

Institute of Design & Communication, FH JOANNEUM Graz / Austria
Supported by Design Month Graz 2024 / Creative Industries Styria

refer to the interplay between envisioning speculative futures through design (science) fiction. It acknowledges the challenges and frictions that emerge during the creativeprocess while also addressing the prevailing increase in science skepticism, fueled by diminishing trust in media and communication.
Moreover, it points out the frictions that might occur when society-centered design approaches clash with economic interests and demands of creative industries to compete in a post-capitalist meltdown.

Design Science F®ictions blend elements of design thinking, speculative design, and science fiction to envision and propose innovative future scenarios, products, or systems. It harnesses the creativity and
problem-solving capabilities of design to imagine how advancements in technology, society, and culture might shape the future. Design science fiction often incorporates narratives, visualizations, and prototypes to convey these speculative visions, allowing us to explore the potential utopian or dystopian impacts on both individuals and society as a whole.

As a result, Design Science F®ictions represent a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary methodology that embraces cross-media ideation and solutions. During the International Design Week, we are committed to pushing boundaries and resetting the traditional borders of disciplines and education levels. Second-semesterstudents of the bachelor’s and the master’s programs of all design majors plus students from international partner universities will be mixed together in transdisciplinary cross-media workshops.

Workshops shall be suitable to cater to students from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, emphasizing applied methodologies and a hands-on approach. Cross-media will be the core setting of this week’s workshops – i.e. animation x sound, illustration x immersion, interactive x graphic, spatial x game, editorial x video, ...

Institute of Design & Communication (idk)
The Institute of Design & Communication, one of the largest institutes at the FH JOANNEUM, with around 300 students, contributes to the creative dynamics of the city of Graz. Competence in design, humancentered methods, and research are important elements in our interdisciplinary education. Research at the institute encompasses contemporary design challenges in society in collaboration with industry and other academic institutions. The institute offers a bachelor’s program in Information Design and master’s programs in Exhibition Design and Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design. Our students learn to understand economic, social, cultural, and technological backgrounds to effectively create design solutions for society as they shape tomorrow’s worlds.

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Creative Industries Styria (CIS)
Creative Industries Styria is one of the central institutions promoting design and culture regionally and internationally. As one of 49 UNESCO Cities of Design worldwide, the city of Graz creates awareness for design, art and culture, making them visible and perceivable in our society. Every year in May, the Design Month Graz organized by CIS showcases design from local and international creatives. From May 4th to June 2nd, 2024, an extensive and diverse program including exhibitions, lectures and workshops will take place across the region.

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Thu, May 2nd
International Welcome & idk Networking Day
Fri, May 3rd
Workshop Day 1 (9 am to 3 pm)
Grand Opening of Design Month Graz 2024
Sat, May 4th
Designers' breakfast, Design Month activities, walks, exhibitions and receptions
Sun, May 5th
Mon, May 6th & Tue, May 7th
Workshop Days 2 & 3 (9 am to 5 pm)
Wed, May 8th
Final presentations & farewell lunchlectures and workshops will take place across the region.

Participants of this year’s workshops will be our firstyear master’s students in Exhibition Design, Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design and our first-year bachelor’s students in Information Design.
All workshops will be held in English.

• Photo studio and video studio (green screen & lighting)
• Audio studio and recording booth
• Workshop (basic woodworking, soldering)
• Prototyping lab (laser cutter, 3D printer,
embroidery machine)
• Print studio (plotter, risograph, vinyl cutter)
• Vision Space (3D projection, audio spatialisation,
motion tracking)
• Media Center (equipment rental: cameras, VR glasses,
microcontroller kits...)

Lecturers interested in applying are requested to submit a proposal for a 3-day workshop (max. 300 words) including
Workshop (working) title and description
• Response to the theme
• Rationale
• Learning outcomes
• Participants (min/max)
• Equipment/Facilities (needed/provided)
• Link to previous student work (optional)

and a short CV until February 12th, 2024

Participants are expected to obtain Erasmus+ mobility grants (STA) from their home institutions to cover the travel, living, and accommodation expenses related to their participation in the event. We ask participants to stay for the entire duration of the Design Week
(May 2nd to 8th).

Proposal submission deadline: February 12th, 2024
Notification of acceptance: February 20th, 2024
Design Week: May 2nd – 8th, 2024

For any questions, please contact

Andrea Schlacher
International Coordinator
Institute of Design & Communication
FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
Alte Poststraße 152
8020 Graz / Austria